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We are firm believers and advocates for what truly makes a difference in your health and wellness. We have been active in the health and wellness industry for 17 years and have helped thousands of people achieve their goals. Known firmly in the dietary supplement industry for our incredibly high standards in quality control, Rooted Nutrition has created a stellar reputation for our immense knowledge base and caring approach.


We address deep-rooted issues based on the conviction that treating underlying causes, not just symptoms, makes all the difference in generating real lasting health. What sets us apart in the alternative health community is that we staunchly believe in working with your doctors to be a complement to their care, not a replacement. Our reputation attests to our mission and successes. If you have worked with us in the past, then you know there is no greater advocate on your side for health in the natural wellness industry.





"As a healthcare professional in the field of nutrition, I often have patients ask me what would be the best supplement to take. When I first met Josh, I was blown away by his knowledge and thoroughness with the vitamin and supplement industry. Now, there is no one I would trust more than Josh to help guide me towards making appropriate recommendations for my patients. Given the vast array of disease states, that registered dietitians can help patients with, I often refer my patients to Josh when they have questions regarding quality of supplements and brand recommendations. He is the only one I trust."

— Jackie Meyer, MS, RD, CDN


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