Welcome to the Farm to Bottle Center!


Farm to table is a great concept that has really taken off. The ability to know where your food comes from and being able to follow it from the farm to your table is an amazing thing. Knowing who grows your food and the farm that gave it life is something truly incredible. 


Farm to Table

As this movement grows, more and more people are able to eat food that not just improves their health, but the health of an entire community as it offers farmers a better standard of living and reduces the environmental footprint of the food. What could be better? Here in the bountiful Hudson Valley,  we are huge fans of this concept. There are so many wonderful local farms around and so many wild foods and herbs to harvest.


Farm to Table

Farm to Bottle

We started to wonder why no one had done this for supplements? If it is important to know where the food we eat comes from, why wouldn’t it be important to know where the pills and powders we take come from?


Farm to Bottle

Thus began our Farm to Bottle Project. Our goal is to create a Farm-to-Table model for supplements.

Our goal is to have 100% of the products we sell in our online store to be traceable back to the farms they came from.

This is a massive undertaking and it will not be easy, but we feel this is the only way to go in order to ensure that you get the best products possible and to provide a stable income for farmers to help family farms stay family farms.


Farm to Bottle

Phrases like "fresh from farm to tablet" and many others all promise to tell us where our supplements come from.

In reality, almost none of these brands and manufacturers are truly transparent. They may show you a peek, but they can’t - or won’t - show you the whole process.


One company even sent us pictures- lovely photos of "their" farm and farmers, but when we pulled their import certificate, they were actually importing tons of raw material from China, not the small farms they had portrayed at all!


Farm to Bottle

Farm to bottle means that you can see the farm or place where every ingredient was grown and harvested. Many of them are farms where you can go and visit for yourself and shake the hands of the men and women who grew it for you. 


Farm to bottle does not mean just saying: “This spirulina was grown in pristine outdoor ponds in India.” Where in India? How can we be sure the conditions are "pristine"?


Farm to Bottle

Testing supplements for contaminants and quality control issues are important, but it will never be enough. There will always be new adulterants and contaminants and they will always be created faster than scientists can come up with new tests to detect them. The first episode of the Netflix documentary series Rotten, about honey, is a great example of this. So no matter how much testing is done on a product, there will always be things that current testing abilities could miss.

Farm to bottle is the solution to this.