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The Farm to Bottle Project:

Farm to table is a great concept that has really taken off. The ability to know where your food comes from and being able to follow it from the farm to your table is an amazing thing. Knowing who grows your food and the farm that gives it life is something truly incredible. 

As this movement grows, more and more people are able to eat food that not just improves their health, but the health of an entire community as it offers farmers a better standard of living and reduces the environmental footprint of the food. What could be better? Here in the bountiful Hudson Valley,  we are huge fans of this concept. There are so many wonderful local farms around and so many wild foods and herbs to harvest. 

We started to wonder why no one had done this for supplements? If it is important to know where the food we eat comes from, why wouldn’t it be important to know where the pills and powders we take come from?

Thus began our Farm to Bottle Project. Our goal is to create a Farm-to-Table model for supplements.
Eventually, we hope to accomplish 100% farm to bottle for every product we sell. It has been a massive undertaking. We are nearly half of the way there and every product in our online store is 100% traceable from farm to bottle. We will continue to add products as we are able to source & verify them. No other physical or online retailer of supplements has done this before, across all types of products and product categories. 

Please bear with us as we go through this project, as there will be some out of stocks along the way. We are working as quickly as possible to reduce them. 

Every company tells great stories or has pretty pictures, but often they are just that: pictures & stories. The vast majority of the supplement “manufacturers” are actually owned by huge corporations or buy raw materials from huge conglomerates whose only obligation is to their shareholders, not to the people who use the product. 












Phrases like these and many others all promise to tell us where our supplements come from.
In reality, almost none of these brands and manufacturers are truly transparent. They may show you a peek, but they can’t - or won’t - show you the whole process.


One company even sent us pictures- lovely photos of "their" farm and farmers, but when we pulled their import certificate, they were actually importing tons of raw material from China, not the small farms they had portrayed at all!


Farm to bottle means that you can see the farm or place where every ingredient was grown and harvested. Many of them are farms where you can go and visit for yourself and shake the hands of the men and women who grew it for you. 


Farm to bottle does not mean just saying: “This spirulina was grown in pristine outdoor ponds in Taiwan.” Where in Taiwan? How can we be sure the conditions are "pristine"?

A real Farm to Bottle spirulina would be our Apogee Spirulina Crunchies. You can see pictures of the actual farm, the greenhouses, the drying oven and even pictures of the farmer, Nicholas Petrović. If you are ever out in Santa Fe, New Mexico, you can see him at the farmers market and buy the spirulina right from him, or you can even take a workshop with him and learn to grow it yourself. That is farm to bottle.


You don't get this from stories, pictures or label claims. You cannot know how well a farm worker was treated from a test result. We can only be sure of what we can see for ourselves- where the raw materials and ingredients were grown and the people who grew them.

Beets are one of the healthiest foods around. They have become hugely popular and they are amazing for a wide variety of reasons, for everything from boosting your work out to helping your heart stay strong. 




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Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica. Dwight Shrute, world famous beet farmer

Of course, we can't eat beets for every meal. Beet powder is a highly convenient way to boost your intake. As a root vegetable, the soil and growing conditions of beets is of extra importance because contaminants are frequently more highly concentrated in the roots of a plant. Brands can say whatever they want about the growing conditions of their beet powder if they never actually reveal where the ingredients were grown. 

Enter Dr. Cowan's Garden

Now, we could tell you that the beets grown on a biodynamic farm, that the workers are treated well, that the environment is well taken care of, that the farm is a model of what agriculture should be - but if we don't tell you the name of the farm, you'd never REALLY know.
Sure, the company could get an organic certificate or other paid for certifications, but lots of those are fake or can simply be paid for, like these. That is a list from the USDA of fake organic certificates and those are only the ones that got caught. For every one they catch, how many get through? It's actually pretty easy to fake the certificate.

You can’t rely on a certification to tell you anything, especially with more and more “organic” products come from China, which is massively polluted and facing an environmental collapse in the coming years, unlike anything the world has ever seen. Is that where "pure" foods should come from?

Our Three-Beet Powder is made from three varieties of beets (Detroit Red, Chiogga and Golden) that were grown by the Demeter-certified biodynamic Hawthorne Valley Farm in Ghent, NY.

You can go and shop at their farm store and even tour the farm where the beets are grown (and meet the cows!). 


It doesn’t get more farm to bottle than being able to tour the farm where your beet powder came from.


This August we will be visiting many of the farms that produce ingredients for the supplements we have. We promise to take lots of pictures, taste all of the foods (for science!) and make some great videos for you. We will introduce you to many of the amazing people, farms, forests and mountains where your supplements come from. Farm to bottle is more than just a saying to us, it’s a promise.

Go visit, tell them we sent you.

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