Whole Food Center



small but mighty

We observe and honor the needs of our farm’s small ecosystem. This means we maintain our crops’ genetic integrity without modification and we celebrate biodiversity. Our methods put quality and care first so we harvest and process crops when they are at their peak and ship them to you in containers that lock in goodness and minimize cost and our carbon footprint.


A farmer for over 25 years, he never stops moving and doing. From mechanical engineering to the flower seed business to sustainable, organic, Earth-friendly farming, he has an astonishing wealth of knowledge and is a passionate steward of the land.


Modern agricultural practices favoring efficiency and profit have erased much of nature’s diversity and nutrition from modern diets, but Kandarian is changing all of that. We select our crops for their benefit to the earth and for their nutritional, cultural and culinary value to humans. We grow plants, herbs and grains that tell rich stories.


Some of our products may be new to consumers and we delight in teaching folks where they come from, how our ancestors unlocked their benefits and how to use them in the kitchen to bring meals to life. We are a visionary company contributing dynamism to the food world, nourishment to the planet and powerful vitamins, minerals and other benefits to communities.


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