Maca Recipes

As with all herbs & foods, the dosage and time necessary to notice the positive effects of maca will vary from person to person.


Some of the effects may be felt fairly quickly, but for the real benefits, it is advised to take maca regularly for at least 12 weeks.


To assist you with some delicious and simple ways you can incorporate maca into your daily routine, The Maca Experts have created recipes that can be quickly and easily prepared at home.


We hope you enjoy our maca and feel a connection with the land and the people of Peru every time you use it.

In Peru, they say “She has strength and resilience unsurpassed by no other. Her journey is sacred and blessed. You must respect her and the way she wants to be nurtured and grown. If you follow her rules and prepare her in the way she requires then she will instill her properties to you” (la maca – she).

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