What is the process of taking a mushroom from the woods to a finished product?


After the mushrooms are harvested they are taken into the facility where they are inspected and cleaned thoroughly with filtered spring water to remove all dirt and debris.

Cleaning and Inspection

Next, the mushrooms are dried at a low temperature and humidity in order to get ready for the dual extraction process and to avoid bacterial and fungal contamination.


Next, the mushrooms undergo the first step in the dual extraction process. 

They are soaked in alcohol (which is sometimes heated and sometimes not, depending on the mushroom) for a period of time (this time frame can vary depending on the mushroom), in order to extract the alcohol-soluble nutrients and compounds from the mushroom. 

It is important to do this step first in order to avoid damaging any compounds that are very heat sensitive.

Dual Extraction

Next, the mushrooms are taken out of the alcohol solution and decocted in hot filtered spring water. A decoction is made by heating or boiling the mushrooms in water for a period of time.

This hot water decoction helps to extract the water-soluble nutrients and compounds.

Heat is needed because many compounds in mushrooms cannot be extracted without heat.

The time and temperature can vary depending on the mushroom being decocted.

Dual Extraction

Next, alcohol and hot water blends are combined together.

The ratio of the combination will vary depending on what the desired compounds or effects of the formula are.


Finally, the blend is put into a glass bottle, sealed and labeled.

Using dark or Miron glass bottles and droppers is very important in order to protect the extracts from light and other damaging factors.


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