Where do your mushrooms come from?

Often with supplements, it can be really difficult to know where they actually came from.

Companies can often obfuscate and use fancy packaging or marketing tricks to make things appear that they come from small farmers or a little mom and pop operation, when in fact they might come from a massive corporation or a supplier with serious ethical issues.

Mushroom Sourcing

There are two main sources of raw materials used in mushroom supplements. The first is mycelium grown on grain in greenhouses.


The largest supplier of these types of raw materials is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.


These mycelium powders are not grown on wood and the finished product is almost entirely starch.


There are not many ethical issues with the growing or manufacturing of this raw material.


The ethical issue that comes from these materials is that the products will have no efficacy, so people are paying for something that will not do anything. 


Some of these raw materials do come from China, which often leads to a host of ethical and quality control issues.


Where do they come from?

The second most common raw materials are fruiting body and mycelium extract powders that have been grown on sterilized sawdust or grain in greenhouses. 

The vast majority of these raw materials come from China.

In addition to the fact that these growth mediums cannot replicate the amazing diversity of compounds found in a wide variety of trees that are found in the woods, it comes with the huge ethical and quality control issues surrounding ingredients from China.

Click the link below to read about why Rooted Nutrition does not sell products that contain ingredients from China.



Where do they come from?

Since it can be very difficult to truly discern where everything about a supplement comes from, we get really excited when coming across great companies that go from food to bottle.


Food to bottle means that a company harvests or grows their own ingredients and then turns them into the finished product.


When you have a completely integrated company, it makes learning and knowing everything about a product, much easier.

Think of it as farm to table, but for supplements.

Food to Bottle

Both of those options contained significant efficacy, ethical or quality control issues.

At Rooted Nutrition, we believe that you should not have to make trade-offs on those things. There is no reason a product cannot be efficacious, ethical and high quality.

Efficacy, quality, and ethics must coexist together because you cannot truly have any of them without the others.

 Rooted Nutrition gets mushroom supplements from three places: Maine, California, and Peru. All of the mushroom supplements we get are made from wild-harvested mushrooms, not farm or greenhouse-grown.


All of them are made from 100% wild-harvested fruiting bodies, not farm or greenhouse-grown.

Rooted Sourcing

The cordyceps mushroom we use is wild-harvested in remote regions of Peru.

Unlike nearly every other cordyceps mushroom supplement on the market, which is made from mycelium grown in greenhouses, ours is made using 100% wild-harvested fruiting bodies.

Cordyceps has so many incredible benefits, but mycelium products will never compare to the efficacy of a pure and potent wild fruiting body extract.

Rooted Sourcing

The Reishi, Chaga, and Lion’s Mane that we use is wild-harvested from the deep, beautiful woods of Maine.

There is an incredible diversity of climates, forests, and trees that make it the perfect growing environment for mushrooms.

These mushrooms have so many incredible benefits, but mycelium products will never compare to the efficacy of a pure and potent wild fruiting body extract.

Rooted Sourcing

The Turkey Tail (Coriolus) that we use is wild-harvested from the woods in Northern California. 

The climate there is an ideal place for it to grow.

The wide variety of trees leads to a stunning array of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Turkey Tail is the most studied mushroom. It has an amazing array of benefits, but mycelium products will never compare to the efficacy of a pure and potent wild fruiting body extract.

Rooted Sourcing

Mushroom supplements, just like any other, must be sourced from good raw materials.

No amount of quality control or good manufacturing processes can make up for a poor quality raw material.

However, it is not enough to be made from clean materials, it must also be ethically sourced.


You cannot separate quality from ethics.


How can something be a good product if someone suffered producing it, or if that material leads to massive environmental pollution?


The truth is that it cannot.

Know Your Source

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