BioGinseng - 1 oz

BioGinseng - 1 oz


Our BioGinseng tincture is a ginseng extract that contains a high amount of ginsenosides and 14 saponins.


First, we utilize only Korean Red Panax Ginseng, the king of ginsengs, of 4-6 year maturity levels.


Ginseng does not develop the full range of beneficial constituents, called ginsenosides, until a minimum of 4 years.


Typically, younger roots are used in inferior products such as gas station vials of ginseng or poorly made energy drinks that are overly stimulating, warming, and jagged.


To preserve all of the vitamins and minerals and of course, ginsenosides, our process uses whole roots and rootlets, and a no-heat steaming method to process the fresh white ginseng into Red Panax.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the steaming process, all ginseng is white ginseng when it comes out of the ground until it is processed with steam to turn it into red ginseng through the oxidative process.


Think of how an apple turns reddish or brown when it oxidizes in the open air. Many companies use a quick, high heat process that produces an unbalanced ginseng extract that is nearly devoid of important vitamins and minerals and other constituents that help to balance and support the action of ginsenosides in the body.


One such constituent, a mineral known as Germanium, is found in high amounts in our extract and nearly absent in commercially available ginseng products.


    We are confident that you will notice a difference in your everyday vitality with our BioGinseng Tincture and we are proud to add this as part of our product line.


    Proudly China Free

    Proudly Palm Free

    100% Traceable

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