Colostrum Powder - 8.8 oz

Colostrum Powder - 8.8 oz


Colostrum is the first lacteal secretion produced by the mammary glands of mammals prior to the production of milk.


Over 80 components comprise the unique balance of nutrients preserved by carefully processing the fresh colostrum, all collected from the first milking within six hours of the birth of bovine calves.


Quality materials, superior handling, and gentle processes are the trademark and passion of our supplier.


The fresh colostrum is raw-processed by proprietary methods to assure maximum biological activity. Every batch is tested for purity and safety.


The cows that produce our colostrum are not given antibiotics or hormones. Quality control procedures also verify that there are no pesticides or other chemicals.


The cows’ diet is primarily grass, balanced with a moderate amount of grains. Their feed is supplemented with vitamins and minerals.


Produced on small family farms in the United States.


First milking, six-hour colostrum powder is indeed a wonder food.


Proudly China Free

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

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