Hand Crafted Traditional Molinillo – Ceremonial Cacao Whisk

Hand Crafted Traditional Molinillo – Ceremonial Cacao Whisk


The molinillo is an important ancestral tool used to bring life to ceremonial cacao elixirs.

“The spirit of cacao” is how ancient Mexican people call the foam and emulsification of cacao paste in water.


They developed ways to connect with this spirit, one of them is through the molinillo stirrer – a magical tool that makes the spirit of cacao awaken and arise with your energetic intention extended from your hands into the solution of cacao.


By resonating at the right frequency and intention and stirring rhythmically in tune with the cacao you can create a creamy and energetic elixir full of powerful heart-opening properties.


Made in Mexico from sustainably harvested Alder Tree Wood.


Proudly China Free

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

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