Herbal Tallow Balm Unscented - 2 oz

Herbal Tallow Balm Unscented - 2 oz


Go back to basics with Herbal Tallow Balm, a rich and creamy blend of our grass-fed buffalo tallow infused with organic flowers and herbs. We believe everyone should be able to benefit from the healing properties of grass-fed buffalo tallow, so we created simple, creamy Herbal Tallow Balm to suit almost any moisturizing purpose you can imagine. This simple ingredient list is perfect for those with allergies and sensitivities, especially sensitive skin that is also dry. This blend adds nourishing pomegranate oil and emu oil for extra revitalization!


Natural Ingredients for Skincare


Grassfed Buffalo Tallow - Rendered from our family’s herd of buffalo, this exceptionally nutritious fat is the basis of all our products. 


Pomegranate Oil — This pomegranate oil is cold-pressed and is known for its skin-soothing properties, especially for sensitive skin.  It promotes healthy, silky skin, and is highly emollient on its own.


Emu Oil —  This exceptional oil is high in Vitamins E and K2 and is deeply absorbed in the skin. Ours is locally sourced, very pure, and is chemical-free.

Organic Lavender Flowers — We infuse this calming herb directly into our tallow!

Organic Calendula Flowers — Infused directly into our tallow! It promotes circulation thanks to its concentration of carotenoids and flavonoids.

Organic Rose Buds — Also infused right into our tallow.  Rose is relaxing and has a calming scent. It is moisturizing, toning, and rejuvenates and replenishes to soften skin.


Proudly China Free

Proudly Palm Free



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