IgG Select - 2.6 oz

IgG Select - 2.6 oz


IgG Select™ is a single ingredient powder supplement and a premium source of ImmunoLin® an extensively researched bovine serum immunoglobulin concentrate derived exclusively from cows raised in the USA and New Zealand.


IgG Select™ provides a high Immunoglobulin G (IgG) content plus IgA, IgM, along with bovine serum albumin.


It also contains a broad range of both essential and non-essential amino acids including leucine, the glutamine precursor glutamic acid, and four critical amino acids (L-proline, L-cysteine, L-serine, and L-threonine).


The ImmunoLin® in IgG Select™  has been extensively studied in human clinical trials.


IgG Select™ provides 2.5 grams of ImmunoLin® per scoop and is complexed with sunflower lecithin for enhanced dispersion and dissolution in water.


It is a pure, hypoallergenic product that dissolves easily in water, contains no egg, dairy, lactose, or milk proteins, contains no genetically modified organisms, and is verified gluten-free by independent laboratory testing.


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