Manuka Honey 550+ MG/kg (16 UMF equivalent) High Activity

Manuka Honey 550+ MG/kg (16 UMF equivalent) High Activity


This is our current "high-activity" batch release.  We are now shipping from Batch 16, Summer 2017 harvest.  This batch has tested to be a very active 550+ Methylglyoxal (MG), which equates to approximately 16 on the UMF bio-active scale.  Absolutely delicious flavor... (380g/13.4oz)

Here's a copy of the most recent lab test —> Download the independent Laboratory Test Report.


Each Bottle of this wonderful honey can be traced back to the hive it came from.

This allows a level of transparency that no other company can match.

Packed in glass, not soft plastic like most Manuka Honey.

Proudly China Free
Proudly Palm Free
100% Traceable

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