Mending Oil for Face and Body - 2 oz

Mending Oil for Face and Body - 2 oz


What is Mending Oil anyway, you might ask?  We think a serum-like oil blend that restores radiance to skin and mends damaged hair qualifies as a "mending" oil.  We sort of made up the name, but we think it most accurately conveys the mission of this oil! 


Mending Oil is perfect for the oil cleansing method or as a light moisturizer for the days when you only need a little for your face.  This blend is an anytime, easy to absorb oil for your hair and potent treatment for dry, flaky scalps.


The thoughtfully selected oils included in this blend are emu oil, broccoli seed oil, sweet almond oil*, jojoba oil*, meadowfoam oil*, castor oil*, hemp seed oil*, and essential oils of Frankincense, green mandarin, and bergamot.  *organic


DIRECTIONS FOR FACE: Apply 2-3 pumps to face, neck, and decollete.


DIRECTIONS FOR HAIR: Work 1-3 pumps of oil into damp hair, starting with the roots. If hair tends to be oilier near scalp, apply to dry hair from middle of length to ends. May be applied directly to scalp to moisturize and mend dry, flaky skin.


Proudly China Free

Proudly Palm Free

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