Micronesian Kava - 8 oz

Micronesian Kava - 8 oz


For the Kava drinker who has tried them all, introducing our Micronesian Kava powder, Micronesian Rahmwanger!


Rahmwanger and Rahmadel are the only two Kava varieties grown in Micronesia.


Rahmwanger is characterized as being a robust cultivar that is dark green and has thick black-spotted stems. Rahmadel has longer, thinner, lighter stems and is only used on special occasions. 


Rahmwanger, on the other hand, is a daily part of life in Pohnpei, Micronesia and accounts for more than 90% of the Micronesian market for 'Sakau'.


Needless to say, it's a real crowd pleaser and you'll soon see why. It's smooth and potent with an excellent chemotype that leans towards strong physical relaxation.

We're happy to be the mainland's EXCLUSIVE source for Micronesian Rahmwanger!


Sakau is the quintessential plant to Micronesian culture. When Pohnpeians are asked what their most distinguishing characteristic is from the other Micronesian islands, they will unanimously respond, "Sakau".


Pohnpeian culture is so Kava-centric that the coconut shell into which the Sakau is poured and served appears not only on the Micronesian State flag, but on the seal of the governor of Micronesia. 


Roadside Sakau stands can be found throughout the capital of Pohnpei, selling 1-liter plastic bottles of freshly squeezed Sakau.


Rahmwanger is the most common and most popular variety owing to its strongly sedating chemotype and consistent supply. Rahmadel is a specialty variety that is less commonly grown and drunk and represents more of a traditional Hawaiian chemotype.


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