Papua New Guinea Kava - 8 oz

Papua New Guinea Kava - 8 oz


Contrary to popular belief, Papua New Guinea has domesticated several cultivars of Papua New Guinea kava or “Kau” as it is called locally, from its wild predecessor Piper witchmanii.


This cultivar is known as Madang Short, an "ISA" cultivar, which is renowned throughout PNG and parts of Fiji for its piney taste and strong, relaxing, long-lasting effects.


Our Madang Short consistently tests between 9 and 11% total Kavalactones with a non-noble 254 chemotype meaning that it is high in Dihydromethysitcin (DHM), Dihydrokavain (DHK), which are 2 and 4 times the potency of their single-bonded counterparts methysticin and Kavain.


Kavain and DHK both have topical properties however DHM has a much stronger relaxing and sleep supporting effect.


The predominance of DHK and DHM accounts for this cultivar’s more sedating and relaxing qualities, its delayed effects, as well as the lassitude of effects (several hours) compared to noble daily drinking kava.


This Papua New Guinea Kava powder is quite potent, lasts longer, and has a stronger physically relaxing effect profile similar to other non-noble cultivars such as Tudei and Isa.


These effects MAY, but not always, last into the next day.  If you’re looking for a light, social, heady, noble Kava experience, this is not the Kava for you.


If, on the other hand, you’ve ever wanted to experience the strongly sedating effects of “ISA” Kava, this Papua New Guinea Kava powder an excellent opportunity to do so.


As with any Kava, overconsumption can lead to nausea so we recommend mixing lightly and starting slowly with this cultivar, or mixing with a noble daily drinking kava at a ratio of 20-30% to start out for those unfamiliar with its effects.


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