Peruvian Organic Criollo Cacao Powder - 200 grams

Peruvian Organic Criollo Cacao Powder - 200 grams


100% pure organic, single-origin, raw cacao powder.


Our cacao is fermented and sun-dried, before being milled and pressed to separate the butter from the cacao mass, following ancient traditions.


It is packed with anandamide, tryptophan, PEA, polyphenols, magnesium, zinc, and other essential minerals, with a beautiful rich aromatic flavor.


We personally source our beans from Peru to find the most potent, therapeutic & flavor-rich cacao possible.


Every batch is tested and shown to be ultra-low in heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and cadmium (far lower than cacao and cocoa powders found in the US).


We go beyond fair trade and work exclusively with one family farm that uses sustainable natural agroforestry practices.


Our cacao is artisanally grown, fermented, and dried below 118 degrees while maintaining neutral acidity to provide the best aroma and taste.


Connect with our cacao and let it open your heart and body. 


This is unlike any Cacao Powder you have tried yet.


Proudly China Free

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

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