ProbioMed 50 - 30 caps


Strain Specificity:

ProbioMed™ contains 10 of the most well-researched probiotic strains – each with a specific, functional strength that supports digestive health.


 • Strain Amounts:

High doses of specific probiotic strains. ProbioMed™ is designed with large quantities that are scientifically proven to be effective.


• Antibiotic Resistance: The strains chosen for ProbioMed™ do not contain antibiotic-resistant genes that could inhibit the effectiveness of necessary antibiotic therapy.


• Innovative, Convenient Packaging:


State-of-the-art desiccant-lined bottles protect probiotics from damaging exposure to moisture, oxygen, and light to extend the shelf life of ProbioMed™ while eliminating the need for refrigeration.


This innovative packaging also removes the need to use blister packs which use much more resources and packaging.


• Capsule Technology: 50 B & 100 B capsules feature delayed-release technology for optimal survivability from stomach acid & properly timed release of probiotics in the lower GI tract.


Free of enteric coating which often contains plastics, parabens, and other undesirable ingredients.


Free of FOS and Inulin which can often cause gas and bloating as well as promote the growth of bad bacteria such as Klebsiella.


Cultures are produced by UAS labs.

Manufactured by Designs for Health.


Proudly China Free

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