Probiotic Select - 60 caps

Probiotic Select - 60 caps


Probiotic Select® provides a highly potent combination of researched probiotic microorganisms.


It contains 12 strains of researched microorganisms and at the time of manufacture contains 62 billion CFUs which provides a minimum of 25 billion colony forming units (CFUs) per capsule at the time of the expiration date.


At the time of manufacture, each capsule actually contains much higher amounts of bacteria, but 25 billion is put in order to meet potency at the time of expiration.


The special packaging protects the probiotics and prevents the need for wasteful blister pack packaging.


The probiotics are stable at room temperature and do require refrigeration.


The probiotics are made using a special plant cellulose capsule which protects them from stomach acid, without the need for enteric coatings which often contain undesirable ingredients like plastics and parabens.


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