Protein Shake Pack - Blueberries and Cream

Protein Shake Pack - Blueberries and Cream


We looked and looked for a flavored protein shake that was not full of ethically questionable ingredients, unhealthy sweeteners, and fillers, or heavily processed protein. We were unable to find any that met our strict standards.


So we decided to create our own protein shake packs in order to give you a shake that is good for you and the planet!


This kit contains goat whey protein*, lactose, and blueberries and cream powders from our friends at Mt. Capra. These products are produced on their farm in Washington.


Lactose acts as a delightful sweetener. It is not as sweet as table sugar, but you can add as little or as much as you like to get it to your desired sweetness. One awesome benefit of lactose is that it is a great prebiotic, awesome food for your good bacteria.


Get your protein the right way, minimally processed, full of goodness, and better for you, the farmer, and the planet!


*Pro tip: add your protein powder LAST and only for a few seconds! Adding it first can cause the protein to expand which can cause stomach upset and bloating.

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