Savannah Red Rice - 16 oz

Savannah Red Rice - 16 oz


Red rice is so rich in influence, it is hard to know which version of this dish to consider. As far back as the Inquisition, Sephardic Jews fleeing Spain and Portugal arrived in Savannah, bringing connections to Mediterranean foodways that have endured to this day. Savannah Red Rice is a robust accompaniment to such bold flavors as tomato and seafood. Its red color deepens during high-heat cooking and becomes crispy and deeply flavorful. 


Tips and uses: This rice variety is much like brown rice only better. With much more bright flavor and supple texture, Savannah Red rice can hold up in a stew or soup, mixed into sourdough bread, or shine on its own. Cook a longer and slower than regular rice, and you will love the results.


Ingredients: Heirloom variety, organic Savannah Red Rice. Nothing else. 


Proudly China Free

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

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