Sensitive Skin Set - 1 kit

Sensitive Skin Set - 1 kit


Buffalo Gal’s simple, nourishing products are the answer for sensitive skin! Includes our Tallow and Emu Balm (2 oz), Refresh Toning Mist (2 oz), and an Unscented Handmade Tallow Soap.  Simple and gentle for our sensitive customers, this moisturizing set is built on the C-T-N (Cleanse - Tone - Nourish) process for balanced, nourished skin.  Note: the Toning Mist is made with rosemary and mint hydrosols (plant infusions), so it is lightly scented.

Included in your Sensitive Skin Set:


Tallow and Emu Balm or Herbal Tallow Balm (unscented)

Tallow & Emu Balm - This simple, hypoallergenic blend is a favorite moisturizing balm among our most sensitive customers. Grassfed buffalo tallow, the center of our skincare line, is combined with Vitamin E-rich emu crème from a local Georgia farm. The result is a creamy, moisturizing product that even our severely allergic customers can enjoy.


Herbal Tallow Balm (unscented) - This simple ingredient list is perfect for those with allergies and sensitivities, especially sensitive skin that is also dry. This blend adds nourishing pomegranate oil and emu oil for extra revitalization!


Refresh Toning Mist

Ideal for any skin type and especially soothing for sensitive, reactive, and irritated skin. Toning rebalances skin’s natural pH after cleansing, which often washes away the skin’s acid mantle along with impurities. Restore your skin to balance with an all-natural toner! We've incorporated the best of old-school toning with the new by including non-alcohol witch hazel, gorgeous hydrosols, protective green tea, and kombucha tea! Tea gives our toner the benefit of antioxidant protection that wards away blemishes and sun damage. The scent of mint and rosemary is both stimulating and uplifting, making it a perfect spritz any time you need a refreshing facial!


Tallow Soap (unscented)

Carefully crafted using traditional soap-making techniques, our tallow cleansing bar is truly something special. Our ancestors made soap from animal fats and cold ashes. We’ve refined this process to create a smooth, silky, moisturizing bar that’s perfect for the face and body.

Simply use them as you would a normal bath bar, and let the simple luxury of the experience surprise you.

*The balm included in this set is unscented and the Refresh Toning Mist.


Directions: CLEANSE - Wet face. Wet a soft washcloth and lather with the Tallow Cleansing Bar. Dilute with more water then gently wash face. Rinse. Lightly pat dry.

TONE - Shake Toning Mist lightly. Spray on face, neck, and décolleté, being careful to avoid eyes. Allow to air dry.

MOISTURIZE - Scoop out a dime-size amount of Tallow Balm. Rub it in the palm of your hand until warm and smooth. Apply to skin.


Natural Ingredients for Skincare

Tallow Cleansing Bar (basic list) — Saponified tallow, olive oil, and castor oil.

Refresh Toning Mist — Non-alcohol witch hazel, rosemary hydrosol, spearmint hydrosol, organic aloe vera, organic kombucha tea, and green tea extract.

Tallow and Emu Balm — 100% Grassfed Buffalo Tallow, pure emu creme.

Herbal Unscented Tallow Balm - Grassfed tallow infused with organic lavender, rose, and calendula flowers, organic pomegranate oil, and locally sourced pure emu oil.


Proudly Palm Free

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