Limited Batch Vanuatu Kava Powder - 8 oz

Limited Batch Vanuatu Kava Powder - 8 oz


This material is consistently ranked as the highest quality, superior Vanuatu Kava on the market.  


It is an incredibly potent Vanuatu variety that is processed in a state of the art drying facility.  


Unlike standard Vanuatu Kava that is sun-dried and exposed to destructive UV rays, this superior Vanuatu Kava is meticulously dried in a commercial low-temp, dehydrator to preserve the precious Kavalactones and volatile oils that give Kava it's freshness, potency, and bite.


It has a desirable 423 chemotype and an 8.4% total lactone content.


This 35% lateral root Kava is pounded and vacuum sealed for transit to the states to seal in its fresh taste, smell, and potency.  


Proudly China Free

Proudly Palm Free

100% Traceable

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