Tallow Lip Balm Naked - .13 oz stick

Tallow Lip Balm Naked - .13 oz stick


Don't just lube your lips . . . heal them!  A longstanding lip balm addiction is what led our founder, Shalley, to search long and hard for a natural ingredient that provides lasting relief for dry and dehydrated lips.


 In fact, our brand was launched because of the discovery of such an ingredient.  **Newsflash!!!  This amazing ingredient is NOT beeswax.  While Shalley loves all things bees, beeswax failed to yield the relief for chapped lips she'd hoped for.  After 20+ years of finding herself frequently reaching for her lip balm, enough was enough!  That means you, Burt's Bees!


Ever noticed how petroleum-based lip products (Chapstick, Carmex, etc.) feel so soothing at first and then must be constantly reapplied?  That's because those products break down the skin on your lips . . .  by design.  That makes you a perpetual customer of these products.  


Beeswax, while certainly a natural choice over petroleum, seems to produce a similar effect.  We hear that it locks in moisture.  Should be a good thing, right?  In theory, yes.  In practicality, perhaps not so much.  We've come to discover for ourselves that "locking in moisture" is not necessarily best for our skin, and for many, it can lead to dryness.  


In our philosophy, internal and external support that allows the skin to breathe promotes optimal skin function, revealing its innate health and beauty.


What's our secret? Tallow is your answer to years of fruitlessly searching through lip products that don't work! This magic ingredient gives lasting moisture to your lips, and thanks to lipids that are similar to that in our own skin, it actually heals.  


We, at last, arrived at an ingredient list for our lip balms that is simple and practical: Grassfed tallow, organic shea butter, and a splash of candelilla wax (so it doesn't melt in your pocket).


Proudly China Free

Proudly Palm Free


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