Toning Mist Refresh - 2 oz

Toning Mist Refresh - 2 oz


Ideal for any skin type, Refresh Toning Mist is especially soothing for sensitive, reactive, and irritated skin. Toning rebalances skin’s natural pH after cleansing, which often washes away the skin’s acid mantle along with impurities. Restore your skin to balance with an all-natural toner! We've incorporated the best of old-school toning with the new by including non-alcohol witch hazel, gorgeous hydrosols, protective green tea, and kombucha tea! Tea gives our toner the benefit of antioxidant protection that wards away blemishes and sun damage. The scent of mint and rosemary is both stimulating and uplifting, making it a perfect spritz any time you need a refreshing facial!


Natural Ingredients for Skincare


Non-alcohol Witch Hazel — A powerful natural toner, it is also soothing and antibacterial. Our version avoids harsh alcohol.

Rosemary Hydrosol — Hydrosols are simply blends of distilled flowers, herbs, and water. They are a milder alternative to essential oil blends but yield many of the same benefits. Rosemary is toning and clarifying. 

Spearmint Hydrosol — Hydrosols are simply blends of distilled flowers, herbs, and water. They are a milder alternative to essential oil blends but yield many of the same benefits. With a minty scent that’s slightly different than peppermint, spearmint is a lovely source of fragrance in our blends. It is also milder than peppermint when applied topically.

Aloe Vera — Highly moisturizing thanks to the aloe plant’s natural fibers, it balances well with the drying ingredients in our toners.

Kombucha Tea Concentrate — Kombucha is a powerful source of antioxidants that can reduce redness and clarify skin. Creates a soothing, toning effect, helping to restore the acid mantle after cleansing.

Green Tea Extract — The same antioxidant called catechins that make this beneficial as a drink means it’s a fabulous treatment for your skin! It’s known for revitalizing dying skin cells, improves skin tone, reduces acne, reducing signs of aging and gently exfoliates.


Proudly Palm Free

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