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Australian emu oil

an unsurpassed and synergistic combination of nutrients formulated and balanced by Mother Nature and readily used by the body. It is 100% pure and unadulterated—nothing is added to the oil and nothing is taken out.


The Aboriginal Australians are the oldest living culture on earth and can trace their lineage back more than 40,000 years. For them, Emu Oil is considered a Traditional Sacred Food, thus named because they were the essential foods needed for their optimal health and development.


Emu Oil is the fat of the bird. This fat sustains the life of the Emu over long periods of time. The male sits on his eggs for 54 days, he never gets up to eat or drink, all his nutritional requirements comes from his fat—direct absorption—no waste. Then, for the next three months he raises the chicks. Hibernating animals such as bears, hedgehogs, snakes, and penguins also accumulate this type of nutrient dense fat, seasonably built up and depleted. The Emu is the only known warm-blooded animal able to provide this type of life-sustaining fat on a commercial basis. It is a nutrient dense superfood!


The birds are farmed on virgin soils in Australia and roam in large pastures. No GMO feed, vaccinations, antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides or chemicals of any kind are allowed on the farms. Katta, an Aboriginal Elder, shared with our farmers the traditional method for refining the oil. Combining this tradition, with science, has been the guide to preserving our Emu Oil’s natural characteristics. It leaves the oil unadulterated, the way nature intended. When techniques such as stripping agents, deodorizers, bleaches, high temperatures, molecular distillation and winterizing are used it results in loss of efficacy and destroys its natural synergy.


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