Our Mushroom Partners


We spent a long time searching for companies that produced wild-harvested mushroom extracts that met our standards for quality, ethics, and efficacy. 

It was not easy, because nearly all mushroom supplements are produced in China or are crude mycelium powders grown on grains.

We finally located two small, but incredible companies, Wild Kingdom Extracts and Harmonic Arts.


Who did we choose to partner with?

Wild Kingdom extracts was founded by a passionate, lifelong forager Neil Thenier.  

Neil shares Rooted Nutrition's passion for improving the health of people and helping to create a more sustainable and better future for our planet.

You can hear Neil share his passion for mushrooms and health on a special episode of the Mushroom Hour podcast.


Wild Kingdom

Wild Kingdom

Wild Kingdom harvests all of their mushrooms themselves, from various places across North America.

This ensures they only use the highest quality mushrooms and that the mushrooms are sustainably harvested.


This helps to protect the local environment and make sure that there is no over-harvesting.

Some companies we looked into, that produced wild-harvested mushroom extracts, were using middlemen, so they could not verify that there are was no overharvesting. 

It is important to only use companies who are either harvesting the mushrooms themselves or buying directly from the harvesters. Knowing where and how the mushrooms are harvested is essential to ensure a sustainable product.

There is no reason that we cannot use products that benefit both us and the environment while preserving resources for future generations.


One Tree Planted

For every bottle of Wild Kingdom Mushroom Extracts that are sold, one tree is planted, through an incredible organization called One Tree Planted.

This group works to get trees in the ground to restore forests after fires and floods, create jobs, build communities, and protect habitat for biodiversity around the world.

We are so proud to support this amazing organization. 

Harmonic Arts

Harmonic Arts was founded by two wonderful herbalists, Yarrow Willard and Angela Willard.

They too share Rooted Nutrition's passion for improving the health of people and helping to create a more sustainable and better future for our planet.


Harmonic Arts

Harmonic Arts supplies Rooted Nutrition with two very, very special mushroom extracts, wild Agarkion, and wild Cordyceps. 

These incredible mushrooms have compounds and health benefits not seen in other mushrooms. 

These are truly special ingredients, that are rarely seen.


Wild Agarikon

This rare mushroom is harvested in the West Coast Rainforest on Vancouver Island.

Wild Agarikon contains compounds not found in other mushrooms or herbs that support the immune system in unique ways.

It is currently being studied for its effects on a wide range of health issues and problems.

It was prized by local healers and shamans of indigenous peoples for its healing and spiritual properties.

When shamans passed away, the mushroom was often carved into forms and figures and put at the head of the grave to act as guardians, protecting the shaman during his long sleep.

This mushroom is unlike any other. We are so excited to finally be able to offer a wild-harvested version of this, so that you can experience the incredible benefits that this mushroom has to offer.


Wild Cordyceps

This very special cordyceps is very different from your run of the mill cordyceps supplements. 

Nearly all cordyceps mushroom supplements sold in the US are made from the mycelium and even the products that claim to be extracts are grown on a liquid culture in a lab, whereas wild cordyceps grow on caterpillars. 

This results in products that are quite different from their wild counterparts. 

Some of these lab-grown mushrooms are so different from their wild counterpart that they even have a different Latin name, Cordyceps Militaris.

These lab-grown mushroom extracts have much more cordycepin than naturally occurs, but are much lower (if they have any at all) in other compounds such as adenosine.

These products may have more of a stimulatory effect, but they are missing many of the benefits that this mushroom has to offer.

This is similar to the way that refined fish oils may be higher in EPA and DHA, but they are lacking the other compounds and fatty acids that are present in unrefined fish oil.

We are so excited to finally be able to offer true wild-harvested Cordyceps mushroom extract from the Andes Mountains in Peru, so you can finally experience the full benefits that cordyceps mushrooms have to offer.


Cumberland Forest Society

Harmonic Arts donates a portion of its profits to protect the Cumberland Forest, through the Cumberland Community Forest Society. 

The Cumberland Forest is part of an interconnected system of forests, salmon-bearing creeks, wetlands, and riparian areas adjacent to the Village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island in the traditional territory of the K’omoks Nation.

This incredible forest was scheduled to be completely logged.


To date, they have saved over 110 acres and every year are working to save more.

This project is helping to show the government and the people that the land is far more valuable to everyone as a forest instead of timber. 

Once forests like this are cut down, they will never come back the same.

It is essential that we work to protect places such as this, for our health and the future health of the planet.

We are proud to support this society and so happy to partner with companies who hold the same beliefs that we do.

The health of people and the planet must come before the short term profits of massive corporations.



Mushroom Magic

The healing potential of mushrooms for both people and the planet has yet to be fully realized.

We are only just beginning to understand the full benefits that they have to offer on everything from helping to clean up pollution to improving physical and mental health.

However, these benefits will never truly be realized if we do not respect the gifts and wisdom that mother nature has given us in these incredible, edible fungi.


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